Depeche Mode - “Heaven”

So, I don’t get why more fuss wasn’t created yesterday when this ish dropped. New track from DM was previewed on KROQ in Los Angeles yesterday morning and here it is! For your listening pleasure. Tour Dates in North America will be announced soon! They are currently on tour in Europe.

Their new album Delta Machine will be released on March 26th.

MUSE 1st Single from New Ablum

Yup! Can’t wait. Good stuff as always.

Ahhhhh, Orbital! They make me think of a simpler time, when I was a young little raver with dreams of leaving my small town (San Diego) ¬†and moving to the big city (L.A.) Actually this whole post sounds like b.s. there was no simple in 1996 as I was in high school and not the boss of me and San Diego isn’t really a small town more like a big city with small town mentality. Anyways, enjoy! New album out today on iTunes.