So here’s my little movie list for this month. 

1. The Place Beyond the Pines

2. Trance

3. Evil Dead (remake)

4. The Lords of Salem

No effing way! RZA directed a kung fu flick with real actors. Lucy Liu & Russel Crowe star in this saga & co-written with Eli Roth. Naturally, it’ll have a killer soundtrack.

I came across this interactive “book”. It is a horror & just plain weird movie tribute in clay by Neonflower Illustration & Design based out of the UK.  We love it! The title of the series is “May Contain Spoilers” and it totally does! It features some of the greats, including, Psycho, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Audition, I Spit On Your Grave, Nosferatu and more! 

New trailer for Looper starring Joeseph Gordon-Levitt & Bruce Willis. Both actors play the same character, 1 in the present and the other sent back from the future to be assassinated by his younger self.  Sounds nice and twisted. The cast has got my attention. No Clive Owen & no Shia LeBeouff. Count me in!

Last month, a Werner Herzog's 4 part series called On Death Row was featured exclusively on (one of my favorite channels) Investigation Discovery.  These short documentaries focus on 5 inmates that are sentenced to death by lethal injection, what lead them to be where they are now, their emotional state, & the reason behind there being a death penalty in certain states.  A longer, director’s cut of these docs will be playing at the IFC Center in NYC April 25 & 26th. A Q&A with Mr. Herzog will follow the sreenings.  


The Alamo Drafthouse is coming to NYC!  Sooooo, why do you care? Well, the Alamo is only the best movie theater in the U.S. It combines the experience of a great restaurant with an awesome indie movie theater (like say the Landmark or IFC)/commercial movie theater (HUGE SCREENS). They have many locations in Austin, TX and the NYC location is the 1st of it’s kind outside of TX. They have plans to expand to San Francisco, Colorado, and Virginia as well. Trust me this is awesome! Although, there are many dinner & a movie type locations popping up around the country, this definitely takes the cake.  Location? Well, they will be taking over the old METRO theater on 99th Street & Broadway.  


The trailer has been out for a few weeks but we feel it warrants our attention.  All you cool cats out there have read the novel and must be squirming thinking about the film version. We’ll report back after watching.  Release dates are not set for the U.S. 

Total Recall Brand New Trailer!!

The trailer just went live & we’ve got it! Looks fun and who can forget Quato We’re crossing our fingers for an Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo


Director Abel Ferrara has had some hits & some misses in his career but I’m definitely looking forward to this one.  It stars Willem Dafoe. For hits check out Bad Lieutenant  & Ms. 45 


So I finally got around to watching Oscar nominated Bullhead at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. And wow! The Foreign Language category is always amazing & bizarre. You don’t know what you are getting into when it begins and you leave the theater feeling a bit confused as to who to side with. All of the characters are troubled but none more so than the protagonist.  You understand yet blame him for his actions. One can’t imagine what he’s been through and you try to put yourself in his shoes.  This film is from Belgium and if you are not familiar with the mix of culture, there are both Flemish & French backgrounds in Belgium. Two languages & two completely different cultures.  It’s funny because they showed a quick little animation at the Alamo about Belgium right before the film started. It explained the culture and the populations that inhabited each region.  I  recommend this flick but it’s not for the squeamish.